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Rival – Teh Mainichi Newspapers

Now in my 40s, I am re-challenging myself at tennis.  In my twenties, I participated in the Pro Tour, but for a while, I have distanced myself. After being assigned to Los Angeles, I began to compete in amateur tournaments.  As there are regional representative tournaments, I began training off the court as well.  From … Continued

Olympic Spirit Drives This Pair of Athletes – The Los Angeles Times

On a man-made beach in Carson, a 42-year-old man follows a course that will take him to Athens one way or another, almost as if his momentum and the weight of his three gold medals won’t let him stop. On a track in Palm Springs, a 58-year-old woman takes her first steps on an improbable … Continued

Coach Runs to Tune of Different Drummer – LA Times

At 51, Frankel puts a positive spin on Loyola Marymount’s cross-country program. Bonnie Frankel is not your ordinary college coach, and she is proud of it. Just listen to runners she has coached at Loyola Marymount the last two seasons: “I was ready to quit running because I felt burned out when I first met … Continued

It’s a Wonderful Life for Frankel

“What kind of year have I had?” said Bonnie Frankel. “Would crazy be enough of an answer? No? Well, then say I graduated college, won an issue, ran fifth in the nationals, gambled on not working so I could better myself and stayed alone. I don’t want another powerful man to eat me up. I … Continued

Colleges: Its Good Deeds Aside, N.C.A.A. Is a Culprit – NY Times

Bonnie Frankel has a cold, an “emotional cold,” she thinks, from watching herself become a heroic symbol, so she probably won’t jump into the swimming pool until tomorrow at the earliest. Joan of Arc was burned for following her inner voice, so Frankel, who is not put off by the comparison, is willing to wait … Continued

She Wins One for the Ages : NCAA: Unprecedented ruling gives Bonnie Frankel, 48, one season of swimming eligibility at Loyola Marymount.

DALLAS — As NCAA Convention proposals go, it was a little on the unusual side, an issue impacting a single athlete whose eligibility has almost run out. Then again, the case of Bonnie Frankel–runner, swimmer and 48-year-old college student–is anything but usual. She has fought off a variety of demons, including breast cancer, a learning … Continued

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